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Your new status page will help you communicate your current status, new incidents and planned maintenances with your customers. This helps you keep your customers in the loop, avoid possible frustration and endless support requests.

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Get your status page

This page will help you get your status page up and running!

1. Enter your email

2. Enter your company's name

Enter your company's name. A subdomain will be generated, but you can also enter a custom one if you like. Then click continue.

Step 2 - Enter your company's name

3. Add your components

Enter your status page components, each on a separate line. Don't worry about adding every component now, you can always add others later. Common components are: Website, API, App, etc.

After entering component names, click create.

Step 3 - Enter your component names

Done! 🥳

Congratulations! You now have a new status page. You're now able to use it to communicate your status and incidents to all your customers!

Your new status page

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