Use Datadog to automate your status page

  1. Go to Instatus, under Integrations, select Datadog
  2. Select the templates to use when creating and resolving automated incidents
  3. Copy your page's webhook URL
  4. Log in to your Datadog account and go to Integrations.
  5. Create a new Webhook integration
Datadog webhook integration
  1. Add a name and your copied Instatus Webhook URL
  2. Make sure to add alert value to your payload:
"body": "$EVENT_MSG",
"last_updated": "$LAST_UPDATED",
"event_type": "$EVENT_TYPE",
"title": "$EVENT_TITLE",
"date": "$DATE",
"org": {
"id": "$ORG_ID",
"name": "$ORG_NAME"
"id": "$ID"
  1. Click Save
Datadog add webhook
  1. Create a new API test
Datadog API test
  1. Make sure to notify your created webhook integration
Datadog API test notififications
We're done! 馃檶