Private status pages

Instatus supports private status pages. You can switch your status page to private if you want it for internal communication inside your organization or limit access to your partners.

You may limit access to your page by allowing only:

  • Email login
  • Google SSO
  • IP Allowlist
  • Single password
  • SAML SSO (only available to Business plan)

How to make your status page private?

  1. Login to your status page at then choose your status page.

You'll need to have a Private Pro or Business plan in order to be able to make your status page private.

If you already have a Pro or Business plan you may skip the next step.

  1. Go to Upgrade and switch to either Private Pro or Business plan.
Switch plan
  1. After upgrading go to Settings → Page Type.
  2. Select 'Private' from 'Page Type' panel and save.
Change Settings
  1. This unlocks Privacy Setting, where you can choose one of these options:
    • Email login: Allow members of your team to login to your status page using their email address.
    • Google SSO: Allow members of your team to use Google Auth to access your status page.
    • Allowed IP addresses: allow certain IPs to access the page and you'll be able to add Allowed IP addresses.
    • Single Password: Allows you to create a single password and share it to all members of your team.
    • Secure link: Create an authenticated link that you can share with clients. You can get always regenerate it using our API or the dashboard.
    • SAML SSO will only allow members of your team to access the status page using SAML SSO (only available to Business plan)

If you choose multiple options, your teammates will be able choose any of them to access the page.

Choose privacy option
  1. Choose how you want to make your status page private and click Save, it may take a couple of minutes for changes to take effect.
Congrats! Now your status page is private 🥳