Email notifications

Add email subscribers

Login to your status page at then choose your status page.

Click on the Subscribers tab, then Email, here you'll find a list of all your email subscribers, which you can export as a CSV file.

Click Add email subscriber

A new form will appear where you can enter the email of your subscriber and choose whether you want to notify with all the updates or updates for a specific components.

Add Subscriber

Manage your email subscribers

If you want to unsubscribe someone, just click on the Unsubscribe button.

Manage Subscriber

Import email subscribers

Instatus Pro allows you to import subscribers from a CSV file rather than manually inputting each email subscriber. If you are already a Pro member, skip the first step.

  1. Upgrade to a Pro plan by going to Upgrade tab.
Switch plan
  1. Get your spreadsheet ready

To import subscribers, your CSV must contain Name, Email and Phone in the first row.

  1. In your page's dashboard, go to the Subscribers tab
  2. Click on Import Subscribers
Switch plan
  1. Click on the Upload Subscribers button and select the CSV file you want to import subscribers from
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Setup custom email address

We send emails from, but you can setup your custom email address using the following steps:

Custom Email
  1. Go to Settings → Notifications → Methods
  2. Enable Send from a custom email address
  3. Add the email addresses you want to send from and be replied to
  4. Select an integration service from Mailgun, Sendgrid, Postmark or Amazon SES
    • If you choose Mailgun, you'll need your Mailgun API key and domain
    • If you choose SendGrid, you'll need your API key and domain
    • If you choose Postmark, you'll need to add your API key
    • If you choose Amazon SES, you'll need to add your region, access key id and secret access key