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Add a component

Go to, then choose your status page.

Status pages

Go to components, then click on add a component button:

Button to add a component

Once you click it, the "Add a component" form will appear. Here you can enter:

  • Component name.
  • Component group.
  • Whether to show historical uptime.

Click add component, and it will be added to your page. Add a component form

Component is now added! 🚀

Apollo 11 component is now added

Edit a component

To edit a component name or update its status, just click on the component or the edit button.

Hovered component

Then you can:

  • Edit the name.
  • Edit the status.
  • Edit the group.
  • Edit displaying historical uptime.

When you click on it, it becomes editable

After you're done with edits, click Save button.

Component is now updated! 🍻

Component is updated

Group components

A component group can be added by either

  1. Add a component and select create new group and enter group's name.
  2. Edit a component and select create new group and enter group's name.

Adding component groups

Group is now added! 🎉

Group is now added

Re-order a component or group

To re-order a component or group, hover over it and click order. Up/down arrows will appear that'll help you to re-order. Re-ordering

Delete a component

To delete a component, edit it then click the delete component button. Delete compoonent

Delete a group

Deleting groups isn't explicit. If a group becomes not assigned to any component, it will dissappear from your status page.

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