Activity Log

Company administrators can use activity logs to keep track of all changes made to their team, status pages, and issue activity (incidents, maintenances, templates, etc.).

Admin activity log


Instatus automatically records team-related events and status page modifications. Incidents, maintenances, templates, subscriptions, and the status page updates (display, notifications, and credentials changes). They are extremely useful when you need to quickly troubleshoot an issue or get a complete report of important events.

Activity Displays

Currently, Instatus supports two display modes for activities:

  1. Per-issue Activity

This display mode is available to all users, regardless of whether they have a paid or free plan, and their permission level. This log, which can be located at the bottom of the issue page, provides basic information about the changes that occur to a specific issue. This is currently only supported for incidents, maintenances, and templates.

Per-issue activity log
  1. Admin Display

Business plan subscribers can access the admin display. Due to the sensitive information, only team admins have access to it. The admin display can be found on the Activity tab, under the team settings.

Admin activity log