Third party components

You can add third party services that you depend on to your status page, so that if you're having issues you and your customers can know that it's caused by a third party component and that the issue is out of your control.

Add a third party component

Login to your status page at choose your status page, then go to Components → Third party.

  • Here you'll find a wide range of services that you can add to your status page.
Third party services
  • If you didn't find a service that you're looking for you can always Suggest a service and we'll be on it.
  • Simply click on a service and enable the components that you want to appear on your status page.
Adding a third party service

When a third party component is added to your status page, it'll appear without showing the uptime, and whenever a third party component is down it'll be updated on your status page without affecting your general status and your uptime.

Appearance on status page