Use Site24x7 to automate your status page

  1. Go to Instatus, under Monitors, select Runscope
  2. Copy your component's webhook URL
  3. Open your Site24x7 dashboard. Click on Admin, then Third-Party integrations
Site24x7 dashboard
  1. Click Add Third-Party Integration, then click Webhooks (Integrate Now).
Site24x7 users
  1. Fill the form
  • Add any integration name
  • The webhook URL you copied earlier
  • HTTP method POST
  • Make sure these checkboxes are selected:
    • Post as JSON and Send Incident Parameters
    • Integration level: select the monitor corresponding to this component
    • For trigger incidents when my monitor is Critical or in Trouble, select yes or no as desired{' '}
  1. Click save!
We're done! 🎉

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