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Statuspage vs Instatus

Hello there! Thinking about moving over from Statuspage? Or trying to find out which is the best platform to use for the first time? Here are 3 reasons why Instatus is your best choice.

1. Instatus is 10x faster

Let’s be real, Statuspage is used by many companies. If you choose them, you know you’ll get a decent experience. That said, our status pages are much faster and feel more modern!

Your status page will be static, loaded from a CDN without using any backend server or database. When you update the page, we build for a new static status page. This makes it 10x faster to load than Statuspage.

Drag to compare Statuspage vs Instatus performance

Instatus performanceStatuspage performance
Faster loading time.

2. Instatus is 5% of the price.

Statuspage starts with a good price, but it quickly jumps through the roof! Instatus won't punish you for success by charging you more as you grow.

Instatus is built with pricing in mind. Your page will are static, which means more traffic won't cost us more. Also, we allow you to use your own SMS service for SMS notifications (like Twilio & Nexmo) You won't have to pay a monthly quota. Only pay for what you use!


 team members
∞ subscribers
∞ team members

Instatus won't add to your headaches while growing the business. Add as many team members as you like. Get as many customers as you like - with no extra charge!

3. Get all the features.

You won't miss any features that you need by choosing Instatus.

You can use your custom domain. Schedule maintenances. Fully customize the page. Automate your status with the services that you already use!

99% Uptime
Custom domain
Custom HTML
Use your language
Unlimited team & subs
Fast & Static
Automate your status
Automatic SSL
Plan maintenances
Components & groups
Email notifications
SMS notifications
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