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Wondering which status page service to use for your online product? Thinking of switching to a Statuspage alternative like Instatus?

Making sure your product has a beautiful status page that will automatically inform your users of any incidents is key to facilitating communication, transparency, and building trust. So choosing the best status page service is an important decision.

In this article, we’ll look into the key differences between Statuspage vs. Instatus, their pros, cons, and pricing, to help you decide which tool is right for your product.

What To Look For In A Statuspage Alternative

Firstly, when deciding which status page service is the right fit for you, make sure that it:

  • Is reliable and fast-loading
  • Allows you to schedule planned maintenance
  • Has the option to create components and groups to show the status of your different services
  • Displays your historic uptime metrics to show how well you meet SLAs, and therefore build trust with customers
  • Allows your users to subscribe to status alerts via different notification methods (Email, SMS, Slack, etc.)
  • Offers incident templates to save you time
  • Is customizable to match your branding, and has multiple language options to serve your user base
  • Lets you add team members, so multiple people in your business can manage and update the status page
  • Uses separate infrastructure to your host, and offers a custom domain
  • Automatically updates via integrations with the service monitoring tools you already use
  • Can be manually updated via email, API or webhooks
  • Matches your budget for the features you need

Statuspage Vs. Instatus: Key Differences

  1. Instatus is 10x faster to load than Statuspage. Our status pages are static, delivered to the browser from a CDN exactly as stored without using any backend server or database. So you don’t need to worry about your users waiting to see the status of your site.
Statuspage Score
  1. Instatus is a fraction of the price of Statuspage with much better value for money too. All of Instatus’s pricing plans included unlimited team members and subscribers, and we offer the same features and integrations as Statuspage. By contrast, Statuspage’s pricing is based on limited access to metrics, features, integrations, team members, and subscribers.
  2. Instatus was built by an indie developer who continues to handle all customer support. Whenever you need to chat, you get personal, expert help from someone who knows exactly what they’re talking about. Whereas, Statuspage is run by massive software company Atlassian, meaning inefficient corporate customer service.

Want to switch from Statuspage to Instatus?

Now you can switch from Statuspage to Instatus in just a few clicks. This tool will import your logo, components, incidents, maintenance periods, templates and subscribers!

What Is Statuspage?

Marketed as an incident communication platform, Statuspage is a status page service acquired by Australian software giant Atlassian in 2016. It’s used by many big-name companies including Dropbox, Intercom, Shopify, Squarespace, and Reddit.

Intercom status page

Statuspage: Key Features

  • Save time by using incident templates
  • Add third-party components to show the status of external services
  • Integration with ChatOps sends messages through Slack to keep Engineering, IT, and Ops teams on the same page during incidents
  • Automatically update the status page with integrations and custom monitoring via REST API (Data Dog, New Relic, Librato, Pingdom)
  • Embed status widget in your website
  • Display historical uptime, real-time system data metrics, incidents, and scheduled maintenance
Instatus status page
  • Custom domain, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (although only basic customization available on cheapest plan)
  • Create different components (component subscription only available on higher price plans)
  • Send downtime notifications to subscribers by email, SMS, Slack, and Webhook (depending on price plan)

Statuspage Pricing


Statuspage pricing is based on the number of subscribers, team members, metrics, and access to other features. While their pricing starts with budget-friendly packages, realistically, most businesses will need at least the Startup plan to have access to their required features and number of subscribers.

Statuspage Review: Pros & Cons


  • Range of integrations available
  • Friendly UI
  • Feature-rich (depending on pricing plan)
  • Atlassian is a well-established software company trusted by big-name companies


  • Faster status page services are available, like Instatus
  • Limits on subscribers and team members on all pricing plans
  • Expensive compared to other status page services
  • Overly simplistic metrics
  • You’re required to have an Atlassian account to use Statuspage, which can be complex to manage, especially if you don’t have any need for all of the products they offer

Statuspage Alternative: What Is Instatus?

In contrast to Atlassian Statuspage, Instatus is a dedicated status page service founded, created, and run by an indie developer. Instatus allows you to create beautiful status pages with extensive integration options and unlimited subscribers and teammates on every price plan. It’s accessible to businesses of all sizes and can be set up in seconds.

Instatus status page

Instatus: Key Features

  • Update status page automatically thanks to REST API third-party integrations (Pingdom, New Relic, Uptime Robot, Datadog, Runscope, Freshping, Better Uptime, Site24x7, HetrixTools, StatusCake) and custom email and Webhook monitoring
  • Superfast static status pages
  • Create incident templates and add customizable text to save time
  • Build trust with users evidencing your SLAs by displaying incident history, uptime percentage, and metrics as well as your current service status
  • Schedule planned maintenance
  • Create components to show the status of different areas of your site; group them together to save time updating their status and save your users from getting repeat notifications
Statuspage pricing
  • Create public and private status pages
  • Add unlimited teammates on every price plan
  • Allow unlimited users to subscribe to alerts via email, RSS, SMS, Slack, Discord, and Webhooks. They can also choose which components they want to subscribe to to tailor the status page service for their needs.
  • Translate your status page into 18 different languages
  • Let users access the status page in dark mode
  • Integrate your status page with Google Analytics
  • Customize your status page with CSS and Javascript
  • Choose a custom domain (with the Instatus Pro plan)
  • Embed a status widget on your site to show service levels at all times
  • Change the color of messages depending on the severity and duration of the incident

Instatus Pricing

Instatus public page pricing

Instatus has three price plans for public and private pages. Each status page package (including the free Starter plan!) includes unlimited team members and subscribers, meaning you don’t have to worry about cost increase as your business grows.

Most features are available on all plans, but you’ll need the Pro plan if you require a custom domain, which is still a fraction of the cost of the Statuspage alternative. You can try out our status pages for free with a 30-day trial offered for business plans. For big businesses, custom enterprise pricing is also available!

Instatus private page pricingStatuspage Score

Instatus Pros & Cons


  • Independently made, with customer support and demo requests handled by the founder: there’s no need to set up an Atlassian account or deal with multiple customer service reps who don’t necessarily have expert knowledge on the status page service
  • Quick and easy setup: create your status page in just 15 seconds
  • Superfast status pages to keep your users informed

Statuspage Vs. Instatus: Feature Comparison

Create incident templates
Schedule planned maintenance
Create a custom domain
Translate to multiple
languages available
✅ (not natively)
Show historical uptime and metrics✅ (limited number)
Customize your status page
with CSS and Javascript
✅ (higher plans only)
Create components to show the
status of different site areas
✅ (higher plans only)
Alert subscribers via email,
RSS, SMS, Slack, Discord & Webhooks
✅ (higher plans only)
Unlimited team members
Unlimited subscribers

Why Switch To Instatus From Statuspage?

Instatus is a faster and cheaper status page service than Atlassian Statuspage. It allows you to set up a beautifully designed and customizable status page within seconds with no need to create and manage a complex Atlassian account.

With transparent pricing based on unlimited team members, subscribers, and access to features and integrations, Instatus is scalable and remains great value for money as your business grows. We also have great customer support handled by our founder, so in the unlikely event you have an issue with your status page, it’ll be fixed by someone who knows exactly what they’re talking about. Whether you have a SaaS tool for Instagram marketing, or DevOps, Instatus is a more affordable and faster alternative to Statuspage.

Create A Beautiful Status Page In Seconds With Instatus

As a well-established software service trusted by big-name players, there’s no doubt that using Atlassian Statuspage will give you a decent status page.

With that said, if you’re looking for a Statuspage alternative that offers the same - if not more - access to great features and useful integrations at a more budget-friendly price, Instatus is the way to go.

But don’t just take our word for it. Try Instatus for free: set up a stunning and informative status page and enjoy better communication and trust with your users in seconds.


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