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5 Best Open Source & Free Status Page Systems

If you want to create a new status page for your project or company, and you want it to be open-source and free to use, I’ve just chosen the best ones for you.

5. LambStatus

LambStatus is a serverless status page system. The idea behind using serverless is that your status page is rarely opened, so you’ll only pay when it is used; not a fixed monthly payment like most other services that require a traditional host.


  • Pay for what you use.
  • Has a decent admin dashboard.
  • You can integrate your metrics.


  • Not the best designed status page; It doesn’t feel modern to me.
  • You’re required to host on Amazon AWS. It’s built on AWS services like CloudFormation and Cognito, so you can’t choose another platform.
  • Some data load after the page loads. Here is (slowed down) video version of what users see when they open the page.

4. Cachet

First version of Cachet was released in 2015, so it’s one the most stable and feature-rich open-source options. However, its status page design feels outdated to me, and also it uses a PHP backend, so it requires a server that’s billed monthly.


  • Has a good dashboard.
  • Can cateogerize components.
  • Add your service metrics.
  • Accompanying API


  • Not the best designed page.
  • Not easy to customize.
  • No notifications.

3. Staytus

This is one of the most stable and feature-rich, because like cachet, it’s been there for a long time. Plus, it’s the only one in the list that supports email notifications.


  • Good and clean dashboard.
  • Simple design.
  • Email notifications.


  • It’s built on Ruby on Rails, so requires a host with monthly payment.
  • Incidents details aren’t fully displayed in the status page. Only showed in incident details page.

2. Cstate

Cstate uses a JAM stack. It’s statically generated, which means you can easily host it for free on Netlify or Github Pages. It doesn’t have a dashboard though, so to update you’ll need to update incidents using Github, and your host will auto publish it. Another way is to use Netlify CMS but it requires additional setup.


  • Simple and modern design.
  • Extremely fast to load.
  • Free netlify or Github Pages hosting.


  • No GUI dashboard (but can setup Netlify CMS)
  • No API.
  • Only RSS notifications.
  • Incident details aren’t shown on homepage.

1. Statusfy

Statusfy has all hosting options:

  1. Statically generate your status page, and host it for free like Cstate.
  2. Use server rendering it and host it on a regular server.


  • Modern design.
  • Static generated option for free hosting.
  • Has an API.
  • Browser, Calendar and RSS notifications.
  • Fast to open.


  • No GUI dashboard to add and edit incidents.
  • No component categories.
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