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Pricing questions

Do you offer discounts

Yes. when you pay for a year up front, you'll get two months free. Also if you are a non profit open-source project, you can email me to get a free Pro account.

Do we pay extra for more people?

No. Five team members or 50, the price is the same. This adds up to significant savings as your company grows.

Do we pay extra for more alert subscribers?

No. We send your email alerts to unlimited subscribers at no extra charge. To enable SMS, you'll add an SMS service account (Twilio or Nexmo) so that you pay only for SMS you use.

Can we migrate from our existing service?

Yes, if you're a Pro customer. Just email me and I'll migrate your existing status page at no extra cost.

Can we cancel at any time?

Yes, you can cancel at any time. If you paid for a yearly plan, I’ll refund any unused months.