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Amy Collett

Amy Collett is creator of Biz Well, a website that helps professionals build and strengthen their personal brand.

Improve Your Website For Maximum Business Growth

In this digital world, your company is only as successful as your website, because these days, more people are shopping online than ever before. That means having an attention-grabbing website that is user-friendly and is integrated with your business systems for maximum efficiency.

At Instatus, we know how important it is to bring attention to your brand, so we have some great tips for making the most out of your business website.

Design Your Website For Growth

You can have all the systems you want in the background, but if your website is not attracting new customers then it won’t do you much good.

To start, your website needs to be easy to navigate so customers can easily see all of your products. Once they find what they need, it should be easy to place an order with the touch of a button.

Stripe homepage

Your website also needs to be user friendly and accessible on mobile platforms. These days, customers are using their phones more than ever before to make purchases, so if your website is not available, they will likely go to your competitor.

Stripe homepage

In addition to making a website easy to use, you need to draw in customers and you can do that with an attention grabbing hero. To tackle the job, you can either hire a web designer or use an online banner maker, which is a tool that any business owner can use after learning a few basics.

Once you have chosen the perfect design, you can attach the banner to your website, YouTube and social media accounts. You can attract attention on your banner by announcing a sale or creating a catchy slogan.

Improve Search Traffic

Now that your website is perfectly optimized, it is time to get the traffic that will make your business a success. To start, you can use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to improve your site ranking on search providers like Google. There are many tactics that can be used in this regard, from adding internal and external links to the introduction of meta descriptions. If you need help, speak to an SEO expert.


Social media can also be incredibly important for drawing in potential customers. Every site from Twitter to Facebook and Instagram can help draw new attention to your brand. The key is to create attention-grabbing posts that can advertise your products, ask the audience a question, or share something funny that will pique people’s interest.

Facebook post

Integrating Your Systems

In order to obtain maximum efficiency and profits, your company must make the most out of your tech and have your systems work together to achieve the desired results. Start with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool, which will organize and help with buyer preferences, sales patterns, contact information and more. Be sure to always keep this system updated and study the analytics it produces. Along with that is your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, which will help to ensure that your company can boost efficiency and increase productivity, while also helping your organization to decrease errors. You can maximize the benefits of your ERP by staying updated on new updates and using mobile apps for easier access.

For your website, you can integrate these systems together so you will have your CRM handling the front end while your ERP works on the backend as soon as a customer order is put through to get their products out faster and understand their needs for the future. Ask your web developer how you can connect these programs to your website.

Engaging with your followers is important on social media, so if a potential customer asks a question in the comment section, reply to them. If a customer has a problem with your product, be kind and show your enthusiasm for helping them or provide a contact number where they can reach you. This will create great trust with your audience.

As you can see, your website is the portal to business success, so use all the tools you have to make it the best it can be. If you need help improving status pages, get a status page from Instatus here.


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