Why choose Instatus?

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Hello there! Ary you trying to decide which is the best status page platform to use? Here are 3 reasons why Instatus is your best choice:

1. Get the fastest status page.

Your status page will be much faster than the competition. It's fully static, loaded from a CDN without using any backend server or database. We do that by building a new static status page after you make every update. This makes it 10x faster to load than Statuspage.io.

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Faster loading time.

2. Get a plan that doesn't grow!

Most status page services start with a good price, but quickly jump through the roof! Instatus won't punish you for success by charging you more as you grow.

It's built with pricing in mind. Your page will are static, which means higher traffic won't cost us more.

Also, we allow you to use your own SMS service for SMS notifications (like Twilio & Nexmo) So you won't have to pay a monthly quota. Only pay for what you use!



 team members

Unlimited subscribers

Unlimited team


Instatus won't add to your headaches while growing the business. Add as many team members as you like. Get as many customers as you like - with no extra charge!

3. Get allll the features.

You won't miss any features that you need if you choose Instatus.

You can use your custom domain. Schedule maintenances, fully customize your page, automate your status with services you already use!

Never get down
Automatic SSL
Plan maintenances
Components & groups
Email notifications
SMS notifications
RSS notifications
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