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Add your custom domain

1. Login to your status page

Login to your status page at Then, select your status page.

2. Upgrade to Pro

Custom domains is a Pro feature. If you're not on a Pro plan, click Upgrade on your status page navigation.

3. Add your custom domain

  • Go to your page tab.
  • Add your custom domain, like Replace with your own domain.

4. Setup your DNS

statuscname.instatus.comLeave the default

You can do this on most registrars by doing the following steps:

  1. Go to your domain settings page.
  2. Manage DNS.
  3. Add a record.
  4. Choose CNAME record type.
  5. Choose the HOST. Typically status, but you can choose any host, and it'll be your subdomain.
  6. Points to will be:
  7. Leave the TTL as the default value

If your domain is using Cloudflare's Nameservers and you plan to use it as a custom domain on your status page, you may need some minor steps to ensure the domain will work correctly. Here are specific instructions for Cloudflare

Done! 🚀

Congratulations! You can now start to use your custom domain. The first visit may take a bit to load, then it'll work perfectly!

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